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Eiffel scholarship program of excellence

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program was established by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs to enable French higher education institutions to attract top foreign students to enroll in their masters and PhD programs.
It gives opportunity to the future foreign decision-makers of the private and public sectors, in priority areas of study, and encourages applicants up to 30 years old from developing countries at master’s level, and applicants up to 35 years old from developing and industrialized countries at PhD level. You will find below some useful information about the Eiffel Excellence scholarship. First of all, please read the Eiffel scholarship guide.

The eligible fields of study are: - Economics and Management - Engineering (Master level) / Sciences in a broader sense (PhD level) - Law - Political Sciences. The EIFFEL scholarship offers grants to foreign students. Only French higher education institutions can preselect candidates and send an online application on their behalf on the Campus France website.

1st step:
You may contact the International Relations department of the university/school trough their website, by email or phone, to know the deadline for the submission of applications.

You may contact the French embassy or Campus France office of your home country. You have to choose by yourself the French institution according to your project of study. Any French higher education institution can apply.

2nd step:
Your French university/school has decided to support your application to the Eiffel scholarship - They will send you the application form and help you fill it out.

Finally, they will send the application on your behalf. Applications submitted directly by students or by foreign educational institutions will be rejected.

• Opening of the call for applications: week of October 15th 2019
• Deadline for the reception of applications by Campus France: January 11th 2019.
• Publication of results: week of March 25th 2019.

Please see the attached EIFFEL PROGRAM VADE-MECUM 2019 PDF file

Only applications submitted by French higher education institutions are accepted.
The new Eiffel Campus France website:

Emile Boutmy Scholarships 

Sciences Po created the Emile Boutmy Scholarship after the founder of Sciences Po in order to attract the very best international students from outside of the European Union who are first time applicants and who have been admitted in a Master’s programme offered at the University for the Academic year 2019-2020.

Host Institution(s):
Sciences Po University, Paris, France

Level/Fields of study:
Masters Programme offered at the University

Scholarship value/inclusions/duration:
Masters Level

The Emile-Boutmy scholarship is awarded to students arriving at Sciences Po for their first year of study.

The Emile-Boutmy programme can take two different forms:

  1. A grant of €10,000 per year to cover tuition fees for the two years of the Masters
  2. A tuition grant of €5,000 per year for the two years of the Masters

If you do not validate your academic year, your scholarship will be lost.

If you have been granted for a scholarship and you decide to defer your admission, your scholarship will be lost.

Eligible students are those, first time applicants, from a non-European Union state, whose household does not file taxes within the European Union, and who have been admitted to the Undergraduate or Master’s programme.
This scholarship is awarded based on factors of excellence and according to the type of profile sought for this programme. Social criteria are also taken into account.

Application instructions:
Students must indicate that they are applying for the Emile-Boutmy scholarship in the “Financial information” section of their Sciences Po application. Students will also be required to include proof of income and documents explaining their family situation. For the academic year 2018-2019, the deadline for Master’s programmes is 3 January 2019.

for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship. The Emile-Boutmy scholarship may not be combined with other scholarship. This scholarship is awarded based on merit and according to the type of profile sought for this programme. Social criteria are also taken into account. This scholarship is not automatically awarded: candidates must indicate their wish to apply directly in their online bachelor or master’s application form.

Students must indicate that they are applying for the Emile-Boutmy scholarship in the “Financial information” section of their Sciences Po application. Students will also be required to include proof of income and documents explaining their family situation (e.g. income tax return for both parents, payslips, divorce certificate, unemployment benefits, documents related to alimony, child support or retirement pensions, death certificate...). Applicants must also attach, if applicable, their language test before the application deadline of the scholarship.

The Admissions Department is responsible for awarding Emile-Boutmy scholarships. Please note that your scholarship request will only be taken into account if you are admitted to one of our eligible programmes.

Official Scholarship Website:

If you wish to have more information, please do not hesitate to contact the French-GMS Center by email ( or at the following phone number: 053-916-845

Franco - Thai Scholarship Program 2019 

The Franco - Thai Scholarship Program of the French Embassy has been launched and is opened to all fields of studies.

The French government provides 2 types of grants:
- Social Protection Scholarship or Bourse de Couverture Sociale
- Full scholarship

It aims to support Thai students who intend to study in French universities or higher education institutions for their Master’s or PhD degree.

1. ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible for the Franco-Thai Scholarship Program, applicants must be:
- Under the age of 35 years old
- A Thai national
- Intending to pursue a Master’s degree or PhD in France (exchange programs are not eligible)

2. APPLICATION: The application file is to be submitted online. The link will be soon available on the Campus France Website:

It must include:
- A filled-out scholarship 2019 application form (online - to be posted)
- A copy of passport / ID - An up-to-date résumé stating the entire academic curriculum
- A cover letter explaining motivations and interests in the planned project
- Copies of academic diploma (Bachelor, Masters or PhD only)
- University transcripts

For Master Degree candidates:
- Enrollment attestation copy. If you are in the application process for the considered program, please include copies of email exchanges with the French university

For PhD degree candidates:
- An attestation signed by your tutor indicating his commitment to supervise your thesis; or in case of co-supervision an attestation signed by the two supervisors (Thai and French) indicating their commitment to supervise in France and in Thailand
- A detailed description of the research project (2/3 pages) including a detailed work plan.
- In case of co-supervision, a detailed plan of the various periods to spend in France during the research work.

There are also optional documents that you can provide:
- Cost-sharing commitment letter from the corresponding organization
- Academic and/or professional recommendations
- Language proficiency certificates: French (TCF, DELF, DALF, academic degree,…) and/or English (TOEFL, TOEIC, etc.)

** The Franco-Thai scholarship program does not cover tuitions fees** (Yet, French universities offer international programs and the cost for a Master Degree is around 15,000 Baht per year and the cost for a PhD Degree is around 20,000 Baht per year.

We advise you to contact us in order to check the documents, both for the application and the visa.

The deadline for the online application will be 19 February 2019

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

You can also contact the French Embassy/Campus France Thailand สถานทูตฝรั่งเศส
- By email:
- By phone: 02 627 2160

Master Degree in Chemistry internship (2nd year)

The Ecole Polytechnique in France is offering a Master Degree internship for the students majored in Chemistry, in their second year of Master degree.

Duration: 6 months
Deadline: 30 November 2018
Beginning : 1 February 2019

Language requirements:
- French: none
- English: C1 (Autonomous)

The candidate must have a strong background in the field of organic chemistry and knowledge of good laboratory practice.

Please see the attached file for the research details and the contact person.